Sustainable development can only be realised through man’s Ecofriendly collaboration with nature. Drastic climate change now lends a stern warning to return to nature. Inspired by clarion calls for nature conservation, We the promoters of Blackk Pearl have decided to encourage the use of nature friendly products. We have therefore set aside our leading technocratic professions to support the traditional artisans of Nizamabad. This is our maiden venture.

We present an exquisite array of black natural potteryware created by the highly skilled traditional artisans of Nizamabad. While endeavouring to support the livelihood of the artisans, we aim to make each piece of this nature-friendly culinary artware adorn the homes across the country. The success of this noble venture rests on the nature-loving artistic and altruistic mindset of our nationhood firmly rooted in and proud of its rich and varied heritage.