Blackk Pearl is a women initiative promoting Indian Authentic handcrafted black Earthenwares. The geographical indication (GI) tagged products of Blackk Pearl are sourced directly from traditional rural artisans of Nizamabad.our products are 100% organic , sustainable and completely free from harmful chemicals like lead, cadmium etc which are essentially found in ceramic wares. These clay wares are a perfect blend of natural wellness and aesthetic beauty.

Sustainable development can only be realised through man’s Eco friendly collaboration with nature. Drastic climate change now lends a stern warning to return to nature. Inspired by clarion calls for nature conservation, we the promoters of Blackk Pearl have taken on ourselves to promote nature friendly products. We have therefore set aside our leading technocratic professions to support the traditional artisans of Nizamabad by marketing their exquisite black natural pottery wares. We aim to make each piece of this culinary art ware adorn the homes throughout the country. We hope our faith in the nature-friendly and artistic mindset of our nationhood firmly rooted in and proud of its rich traditions will lend unbounded support to this humble endeavor.


Pottery has been a notable hallmark of human progress from the beginning of civilization. We come to know of early living standards through the remains of pottery excavated time and again in various parts of the world. The types and quality of pottery are key factors to determine the level of progress and culinary nature of civilizations. Pottery has most often withstood the ravages of time to present the culture long after it is gone. Man’s inevitable connection with pottery still remains strong though modernity has sometimes set them aside as unfashionable. Yet it’s durability, mold-ability and versatility serve to beat all modernity and create new culinary fashion statement whenever pushed back by a new product.

We are there for a new array of black earthenware molded from nature through the deft craftsmanship of highly skilled traditional artisans of Nizamabad. The exquisite looks, variety and finish of these utensils outclass any modern tableware. The unique blend of traditional craft with modern taste will be a collection every homemaker will be proud to own.


No product of Blackk Pearl can exist without the heart who created it. Our exceptionally skilled craftsman  put their soul into each product they make . Each piece is an exquisite work of art which will add beauty and elegance to your dine wares. Each piece of art is carefully molded by taking utmost care in following the primitive techniques of molding and organic way of firing and polishing so that our customers as well as the nature is unharmed


Vision :

  • We strive to transform the lives of millions through wellness approach to health by adoption of age old ayurvedic lifestyle of earthen cookware.


We promise to deliver you the best Quality Gourmet non toxic earthenware.

  • We present the Handcrafted in Eco-friendly manner using 100% natural clay and ancient natural non toxic glazing methods ;
  • We bring Ancient Wisdom to your homes through our earthenware;
  • We believe “ Pleasure for our palate must also be a Pleasure for our eyes” and hence adorning your homes with aesthetically designed naturally made black beauties.

Your health is not only what you eat but how you eat..

We assure you a healthy consumption of food  through our toxin free natural earthen ware.