Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How Blackk Pearl products are different from other black earthenwares?

Blackk Pearl products are 100% organic & 100% natural and the polishing is done using vegetable matter and mustard oil. Since this is the only Geographical Indication (GI) tagged black pottery in India, the claims other products to be naturally black is deceptive. Most of the earthenwares use chemical dyes andtoxic polishes to obtain black colour

2. What makes Blackk Pearl products different from ceramic ware products?

Ceramic ware is an amalgamation of many chemicalswhich ranges from less toxic to highly toxic ones . To fuse ceramics, it is glazed with enamels, chemicals , toxins etc whichincludelead and cadmium. Each time you consume food, these chemicals get fused into your food.

Where as Blackk Pearl products are made up of100% pure clay and organically processed .

3. Whether Blackk Pearl products are microwave safe ?

Yes , its absolutely safe to use our products in microwave. However, we request you to microwave blackkpearl product less than half the time since they get heated up faster than glassware/ ceramic ware.

For eg:- For warm water a normal glassware takes 30 sec. You can obtain the same result within 10-15 sec forBlackkpearl products.

4. Whether the Blackk Pearl products are handmade?

Yes , the naturally obtained black colour is by traditional kiln firing techniques of various organic matterspassed on from generations. It is 100% chemical and toxin free.

5. What is Geographical Indication (GI) tagging?

Geographical Indication (GI) tagging is the right to name the product only to a specific geographical area of origin. Black pottery is GI tagged product from Nizamabad and all Blackk Pearl products are GI tagged.

6. How committed is Blackk Pearl towards society?

We believe each business houses should make a positive impact on the world so, its our
Conscious effort to promote a greener world through our 100% biodegradable product. Blackk Pearl stands out in promoting women empowerment. Blackk Pearl is conceptualised and executedbywomen. Moreover, 1% of the profit goes towards educating a girl child from potter’s family. Our endeavor would be to revive a rare and ancient Indian craft that is near extinction.

7. How to clean the Blackk Pearl products?

The products can be rinsed with water using a soft sponge and even a mild detergent if required. Baking soda can be used to clean stubborn stains & strong smelled food residues.

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