Earthern pots have healing properties

We the Human beings are evolved and nurtured by food, therefore food has been given prime importance since epochs. Today,the public is very cautious about the food ,but unfortunately least aware about the selection of the correct vessel.

Olden days people immensely used earthen pots for their daily needs. Ayurveda samhitas have mentioned the merits of using earthenwares. In Sharangdhara Samhita it is quoted“Paatre tu mrinmayam” i.e while the Acharya was describing about the ‘Sreshta’ (Supreme) things,he propounded that earthenware’s had exceptional qualities compared to others. Again in Charaka Samhita in Ashta vidha ahara vidhi vishesha ayatana(the eight dietary principles)under processing techniques of food items, Bhajana i,e the container in which the food is stored is discussed. Ayurveda believes that container helps in transformation of qualities of food items.

On the other hand, the utensils made of Teflon, aluminium ,BPA etc contaminates the food ultimately they enter the body creating malignant diseases like Cancer and Alzheimer’s.Thus it is inevitable to choose the right vessel which should be safe and beneficial for mankind. Finally,it’s we the people who should pick the healthy over the unhealthy.

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Article by,
Dr Amritha Sabu ( BAMS )
TCMC REG NO : 17017

Ayurvedic Doctor ,Researcher and Yoga Alliance International certified practitioner with rich experience in specialized bloodletting therapy.

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